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Who We Are

Avante Logixx Inc. through its operating divisions employees over 60 people and is located at 1959 Leslie Street, Toronto, Ontario. Over the past 15 years, its primary operating subsidiary Avante Security Inc. built its reputation as a preeminent security company by providing premium security services through the use of advanced technology and a focus on client service.
Avante’s security business provides a complete suite of executive security services ranging from system design, sales, installations, and monitoring to executive services such as alarm response, patrols, personal protection and secure transportation. Further, Avante has developed a comprehensive commercial security service offering including international secured transport and its innovative Corporate 911 24/7 Emergency Crisis Management offering.

Avante recognized that in order to become a security industry leader, advanced technology was required to facilitate faster and more reliable communication. Avante established its own research and development group that invented the 724Smart Wireless Interactive Portal. The use of this new technology in the security business meant that alarm signals could now be delivered immediately and directly to Avante’s 24/7 monitoring centre as well as its Mobile Alarm Response Team, providing an industry leading average response time of six minutes or less from the time an alarm is tripped. Avante now brands this technology as SmartBoxx. The SmartBoxx platform provides the opportunity to extend the functionality for applications in both security and other market verticals including energy efficiency and management, remote monitoring in various industry applications, home comfort, and automation. Avante is investing to create new revenue lines resulting from SmartBoxx. The company balances this investment alongside its profitable and steadily growing security business.

Our Vision

Avante Logixx Inc., through its operating businesses and assets, endeavours to become the premier full service monitoring, response and systems company as it pertains to the security, safety and other mission critical processes of our clients.
Avante strives to carry on business using the principles of financial, social, and environmental responsibility while giving back to its community and preserving its culture of integrity, continuous innovation and family values while generating superior returns for our shareholders.

Investor Relations


Avante Security Inc. is always looking for security operatives, field technicians, and sales team members. If you are interested in employment at Avante then please send us your CV


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Security and Safety

Avante Security Inc. is the main operating subsidiary and flagship brand of Avante Logixx Inc. Avante Security has always prided itself as a custom full service residential and commercial security provider. Our approach to residential protection is one where each home is unique and every family’s security requirements deserve an individual, tailored solution. At Avante Security we operate at a level above the industry standard focusing on various layers of security including intelligent perimeter and interior protection, loss prevention as well as early detection via advance technology, intrusion and life safety monitoring (including fire, CO, Natural gas, medical) with, most importantly, a rapid response service to ensure any issue is dealt with within minutes to ensure the safety of our clients. Our commercial offerings include security systems, access control, video analytics, camera systems, international travel security, executive transport and other corporate services.

What sets us apart from the rest of the security industry is our ability to address individual and corporate risk factors while factoring in other variables such location, neighbourhood crime rates, and much more so that we can truly assess security exposure when providing recommendations and implementing security plans.

Our Key Security Services

  • Personal and Residential
  • Commercial
  • Intelligent Perimeter Protection Video Analytics
  • Security System and Camera Integration and Service
  • Secured Tranportation Service
  • International Travel Advisory and Security Serv